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Usage instructions Bump stop (cream) with reviews and prices

Bump stop is a rich natural ingredients cream, which is designed for the treatment of valgus big toe-tendon of the foot. This disease occurs as a result of hereditary factors or mismatched shoes. Thus the formation of bumps on the outside of the foot in its upper part. Such deformation causes a lot of inconveniences when walking in the Shoe and causes pain. The bump stop has the ability to decrease the hallux valgus on the tendon of the foot and eliminate pain. Talking about it, and customer reviews.


Natural ingredients

This cream infused with natural ingredients that not only fight disease but, as pointed out reviews, taking care of the skin of the feet. The price of tools readily available.

Part Bump Stop included:

  • Fat shark. This component has anti-inflammatory effect that slows down the process of formation of the seal to lift the foot from the bottom and reduce the lose skin of the feet.
  • Formic acid. It has not only anti-inflammatory but also analgesic effect.
  • Extract of Laurel. Due to the irritating effect of this remedy reduces the discomfort and pain in the legs, reduces inflammation on the tendon of the foot.
  • Fir. This plant, part of the Bump stop, has an antibacterial effect and prevents the development of infection in the skin on the instep of the sole.
  • The pepper extract. This component is characterized with local irritating action, and also stimulates increased blood flow. This helps to improve the regeneration of tissues and metabolic processes in them.
  • Med. It enhances the restoration of cells and tissues and also reduces inflammation.
  • Camphor. Has a mild analgesic effect, improves the regenerative processes in cartilage tissue and fights inflammation.
  • Oil of juniper. This plant has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Corn oil. It is used to soften coarse skin of the feet, especially the instep of the sole.
  • Extract of lilac. This plant not only reduces inflammation but also reduces the severity of pain.

Due to the complex included in the cream Bump Stop components the activation of the recovery process not only in cartilage but also in the skin of the upper part of the foot. To achieve the desired result, apply cream on the affected area twice a day and massage it throughout the month. Learn more about the application of the cream says the instruction manual.


The natural composition of the drug provides a number ofbeneficial properties from using this cream. To them, as stated in the instructions for use include:

  • Improving the elasticity of cartilage and the strengthening of reparative processes.
  • Prevention of the emergence of new seals on the outside of the sole.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Anesthetic effect. Pain reduction promotes increase of active movements in the foot and eliminate the feeling of heaviness.
  • Excellent softening effect, the cream nourishes the skin and fights calluses and corns, as the sole and the upper part of the foot.
  • Antifungal action.
  • Reducing the risk of salt deposits on the sole.
  • Deodorizing effect.
  • Easy to use.

Limitations and cost

Consider side effects, contraindications and cost.

Price Bump stop is around 990 rubles. This cost is a mixed customer reviews. This ointment can be purchased in the online store. Paid for the purchase upon receipt. Price for cream at different sites can differ.

Thus, the Bump Stop is a contemporary remedy with a seal on the outer surface of the big toe. Due to the complex of natural components, this cream easily penetrates through the skin and has a complex effect on the affected area.


Anastasia, 32 years:

My childhood was always teased short. So I quite early developed a love of high heels and a narrow nose. Over time, the outer surface of the thumb of the right leg there was a bump, the origin of which was not only narrow shoes and have flat feet. Began to have pain on top of foot it was uncomfortable to wear the usual shoes. I read on the Internet about this cream, bought it and started to use it. The effect I liked. Gradually, the seal began to disappear and pain forgotten forever.


While wearing warm shoes, I had pain in the area of the seal on the tendon of the foot. A neighbor recommended this cream. I purchased it and put in for three weeks. Seal the top of the thumb is gone, leaving only a small bump on the memory. The price, though high, but it's worth it.