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Overview of the drug for improving male potency "the power of the Monarch

The power of the Monarch is the drug for potency, which not only returns man to a normal sexual life, but also gives him strength and confidence. Many men who have opted for the power of the Monarch had time to try many synthetic drugs-stimulants, but the expected result did not wait.

препарат для улучшения эрекции в упаковке

Reviews of the Power of the Monarch only positive. And this is understandable, since synthetic chemistry can't affect the body better than remedies based on natural substances. In addition, the price of drug accessible even to people with low incomes, and the formula is completely natural.

Physiology and the causes of its violations

What is the essence of the concept of "violation of potency"? Physiologically a man should remain "sexually viable" until age 65, as provided by nature. This means that in 40 and 55 years of age, he can do everything that "was given" 20, however, the delights of modern civilization didn't give him a chance and by the age of 35 in men revealed serious violations in the reproductive and urinary system.

The most frequent changes:

  • The decreased production of testosterone.
  • Poor blood supply in the pelvic area.
  • Pathological changes in the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Taken together, all these factors are complicated by prostatitis, with a gradual transition to the enlarged prostate.

The principle of operation

Course drug launches in the male body the following is required to restore potency mechanisms:

  1. The cleansing of vessels from cholesterol plaques.
  2. Eliminate inflammation and altered cells.
  3. Full restoration of function of the reproductive organs.

That is why doctors recommend the use of the Power of the Monarch as an effective drug to eliminate all the negative factors affecting the potency. Their testimonials about the Power of the Monarch from the point of view of specialists as positive, so as a good effect on patients seeking care for low potency.

"Mirror disease" as it hinders libido?

Tibetan medicine, since ancient times, recommending it to restore potency natural ingredients "Force", oddly enough, was initially powerless to help the people civilized, drowning in industrial technologies, countries.

What's the matter? The reason for this was simple "mirror disease", which is present every second of modern man. Visceral fat and convex (pregnant) belly is not only unpleasant decoration, but also a source of problems with potency. The growth contained inabdominal adipose tissue becomes the main endocrine gland of men", producing leptin, and estrone – female sex hormones. They start to dominate and suppress male testosterone, without which you can forget about masculinity, strength and potency.

The rebirth of the female type – the main scourge of modern men, especially lovers of beer foam containing phytoestrogens (plant analogs of the female hormone estrogen). The price of addiction is more belly and body fat, lower potency is inevitable.

American scientists have managed to Refine the original drug from Tibet and to overcome the harmful effects of leptin, and estrone, and now the whole force of the South Korean monarch effectively acts on the potency. The basis of the Power of the Monarch, effective drug, is yarsa-Gumba, extract Tibetan mushroom, natural aphrodisiac. Currently the extract has the official name – the Cordyceps and is part of the many natural remedies to restore potency with good reviews.

What is the basis of money?

Part of the Power of the Monarch is unique, the product contains only natural and naturally occurring ingredients. No chemicals, artificial compounds the composition has:

  • Tibetan (Himalayan) caterpillar fungus.
  • Bioflavonoid astaxanthin (inhibits the growth of stomach).
  • The European olive.
  • The seeds of guarana.
  • Green tea and ginger root.
  • Eurycoma dinality.

Pros Power Of The Monarch:

  • The ability to increase the potency significantly.
  • Does the member firmer and erections are strong.
  • Increase the time of sexual intercourse.
  • The effect lasts for the whole 10 years.
  • Stimulation of testosterone production.
  • Help in the treatment of urological diseases.
  • Stops the process of obesity.

With the Power of the Monarch male at any age will be able to give pleasure to your partner.

How to buy and how much it costs?

There you can read the real testimonials of people who through the Power of the Monarch increased its potency and very happy. How to make the tool, detailed written instructions, which is attached to the order.

Ask the power of the Monarch, and a powerful potency not dependent on age, guaranteed for many years!


Noticed a decrease in potency in 25 years. It was a disaster! Of course, there were extra weight, and "beer belly", but to abandon their traditional way of life is not wanted. One-time stimulants helped, but afterwards was not feeling well. I read on the Internet about the Power of the Monarch ordered. Two weeks later, noticed that you feel better and intimate meetings are great.


Suffer from prostatitis, periodically pass courses of treatment. Whenlast appointment the doctor advised me to purchase the power of the Monarch as a natural remedy that is still used in Tibet. The result is stunning: not only that relapses three times a year stopped, but the potency is better.


Bought on the advice of a friend! You really are better the wife is happy, ceased to grumble and "cut". Men, the Power of the Monarch is indeed the real thing.