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An overview of the exciting means for women Silver Fox (cost and use)

Drugs for men, increasing sexual energy, is no surprise. They are released in sufficient quantities, and what to do to women, maybe if they get even more pleasure from intimate gatherings? Of course, if you use a female stimulant called Silver Fox!

silver fox в упаковке

Recommended tool?

Buy "silver Fox" can any lady that wants to get more vivid emotions through close contact with a partner. Doctors-sexologists recommend female pathogen Silver Fox for those who have no libido, low libido. Specialists ' opinions about the pathogen is positive, provided that the instruction is strictly observed.

Proven: the lack of quality intimate life in a negative way affects the character of the woman and her health. There is stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, hormonal system crashes that entail the development of serious internal pathology.

Natural Silver Fox is not able to cope with many problems, but it can significantly change the sexual life and to prevent their occurrence. The regulations provide for the use of the pathogen for women in different situations, but there is a significant reservation: in case of serious diseases in the urogenital system before you can use a Silver Fox, you need to consult a gynecologist.

Aphrodisiac – the easiest and safest causative agent based on vegetable raw materials, is known everywhere for over 3 thousand years. Modern remedy – 1 bag of Silver Fox, added to any drink not containing alcohol, allows the lady to feel the power of attraction for 4-5 hours. "Silver Fox" is the easiest way to get her to say Yes!

However, if you wish to test the remedy against the consent of the woman, poured a Silver Fox in secret, it should be remembered that article on the rape has not been canceled, and with the use of psychoactive agents is the "mischief" may come back to haunt years in prison.

Silver Fox ladies

Silver Fox is completely natural and harmless pathogen for women. The Foundation funds only botanicals grown in Thailand, the drug includes more than 20 types of herbs:

  • Shi Chuan Tzu.
  • Argyreia beautiful.
  • The long pepper.
  • Of Mucuna pruriens.
  • Epimedium Korotkova and many others.

Reviews when applying mostly positive, ladies, compare your sex life before and after the silver Fox, saying that such a miracle means life of a variety of intimate and sensual.

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Organic ingredients:

  • Vitamins. Contribute to the increased production of estrogen.
  • Aphrodisiac. Extracts of tropical plants.
  • Adaptogens. Relieve tiredness.

How does the drug?

Powder Silver Fox – without color and odor are instant, can be used as a pathogen. The composition is absolutely safe for absolutely healthy people, however, there are contraindications that ignore does not.

Real reviews, what a woman feels:

  • Physical manifestations
  1. A rush of blood to the genitals.
  2. Shortness of breath and palpitations.
  3. The tension in his chest and nipples.
  4. Strong vaginal.
  • Emotional signs
  1. A strong sexual desire.
  2. Looseness and relaxation.
  3. Full concentration on the partner.
  4. The desire to Express intimacy.

According to recent clinical studies, a similar reaction is observed in 86% of women who took the Silver Fox.

The regulations provide for the following cases when the Silver Fox it is prohibited to use:

  • To exceed the daily rate means.
  • To use persons under 18 years of age.
  • Dissolve the powder in strong alcohol.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Hypertension, gynecological diseases and endocrine pathologies (strictly prohibited).

The price of neglecting the simple rules of the drug can be very high, in the most unexpected cases to severe lesions of organs and systems.

How to get a Fox?

So what is needed, "silver Fox"? In fact, a complete lack of sexual arousal in women is a disease, but the percentage of completely frigid women is very small. Often the lack of joy in sexual encounters there for worldly reasons: bad intimate experience, boring "family sex" out of obligation. The long absence of intimate life leads to problems in the sexual sphere, development of physical and psychological ailments.

In the culture of the peoples of Asia Fox is considered a symbol of temptation and seduction. Buy silver Fox means to let in the house of "the beast", giving moments of pleasure that will change everything!

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Anna, 41 years

I bought a Silver Fox only for myself, to relax and to receive pleasure. And decided to surprise a partner who is 10 years younger than me. The surprise was a success, now our intimate meeting went in a new direction! Buy it on the official website

Natalia, 23 years

Silver Fox husband bought at my request. After the birth was so depressed, didn't want, on this ground began a quarrel, until the divorce. Rummaged in the Internet found about the causative agent and showed my husband. He made the order, I began to take 1 sachet before night. The effect is stunning, the drug has one hundred percent. Appeared again the taste of life and relationship with her husband has acquired new bright colors.

Dinara, 25 years

My boyfriend is very loving and I was so-so. To lose it is not wanted, so I had to think of something. To feign the pleasure of desire arose, about the causative agent for women heard, but never tried it. Decided to order a sample for a couple of bags on the first day tried to say that everything was fine, then nothing to say. Very good tool liberates and gives bright emotions.

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