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Overview of the drug Songtsen gampo to improve the potency

Why Songtsen gampo so popular among men of different ages? The fact is that many of the drugs for potency, flooded the market, none is able to meet all the needs of the consumer. Almost everyone is positioned as a "tablet of the day", single and purely symptomatically acting on the body. It is therefore with their help it is impossible to return lost potency forever and be in "ready" continuously, not only during the moment of intimate meeting.

упаковка лекарств и капсулы в россыпь

Why is the course necessary?

To 45 years the majority of men living in big cities and industrial cities, have problems in the urogenital sphere, including with potency. This is due to the way of life, tension, stress, bad environmental conditions, bad habits and poor nutrition.

In addition, the reduced potency is due to:

  • Bad of the hormone testosterone.
  • The presence of chronic inflammation in the genitals.
  • Poor blood supply to the pelvic organs due to cholesterol plaques in blood vessels.
  • The availability of 30 years of prostatitis and 50 – BPH.

Traditional conservative treatment and surgical methods are usually aimed at addressing the acute or chronic pathologies (prostatitis, BPH). Of course, the elimination of the inflammatory process potency is restored, but only slightly. Complex gampo able not only to fully restore the sexual health of men, but to the extent possible, to prolong sex life, sex with Songtsen will be brighter, longer and with full feelings.

A bit of history

Thanks to the mass migration of Tibetans in the middle of the last century were opened many secrets of healing of various diseases, including Cordyceps Chinese, "caterpillar fungus", or yarsagumba. American scientists immediately took advantage of the situation and began to actively study all properties of this plant. But they are waiting for a lot of disappointment, no improvement in the urogenital system in men when taken yarsagumba was not observed.

The secret was hidden in the fact that a unique plant does not affect residents living in the industrialized countries, but well maintained the health of the people of Tibet for 14 centuries. All the "amenities of civilization" just neutralized the beneficial properties of plants.

Main advantage is a natural and holistic approach!

It would seem that after the first defeat, it was possible to abandon the creation of money, but the scientists went further and on the basis of Haematococcus (algae) have created a unique premix Six for men. Inthe composition of srongtsen it blocks metabolic syndrome, which is responsible for fat men belly. It "poeschko" hanging sometimes to obscene proportions, and is becoming a major pest of sexual health due to the presence of female sex hormones (estrone, leptin). They suppress testosterone production, depriving man of ability to a normal erection and reduced libido.

The principle of operation of the complex Songtsen gampo:

  • Gives impetus to the activity of microphages, which quickly purify the vessels from cholesterol plaques.
  • Removes neoplastic processes at the beginning of their development by absorbing abnormally developing cells.
  • Eliminates chronic and acute infectious processes in the body through the revitalization of lymphocytes.
  • Helps to restore the tissues and structures of the urogenital system in men.
  • Stimulates testosterone production, increases libido.
  • To the extent possible, concentrating all the attention from men on sexual desire.

Every man who wants to keep healthy and be an alpha male until old age, it is important to remember that the reproductive system requires constant attention and periodic "maintenance". You should not take for granted the sad statistics of decrease in libido, when for 40 years the modern man is found to be completely untenable. To break the vicious circle may only need to buy a complex Songtsen.

What is included in a unique composition?

The natural composition of the drug Songtsen gampo allows not to be afraid of side effects, which are in the funds with the chemical composition.

Reinforcing and complementing each other, all these natural substances launch their product to a perfect new level. Reviews about unique gampo positive, from both professionals and consumers.

The purchase price

How much is the drug Songtsen? Price, according to the manufacturers, is fully justified complex effect of srongtsen gampo. Buy Songtsen on the official website, but in this case, and starts the main intrigue. How much does the drug Songtsen unknown, or rather, on the website there is no fixed numbers, which will be based the consumer.

The drug also can't buy at your local pharmacy. To find out the cost of the full individual course, you need to contact the Manager to obtain advice. He calculates the required amount of the drug Songtsen and at the end of the conversation will announce the cost. Songtsen-deliver mail transfers across Russia and the CIS, time of the drug in the way – a week at most. In the postal parcel must also be instructions for use and certificate of quality.

Orderintegrated drug Songtsen or not, the decision is up to anyone to ask for advice. But one should always remember that one call and the order of srongtsen able to change a person's life for the better!


For a long time suffered from what youthful ardor in bed has visibly faded, and the symptoms of prostatitis are not allowed to live peacefully. Visiting the clinic is not an option, a lot of time spent waiting in queues. One day I came across a website which talked about the complex Songtsen gampo, called the consultant, all the details found out about the disease. 4 days later I received in the mail a parcel with the drug. After a few days, very pleased with the result: night trips to the bathroom stopped, and intimate life with his wife improved.


On the advice of a friend who already uses the drug, ordered gampo for itself as forced to monitor closely the health of, and especially in the intimate sphere, working in hazardous industries. The result is excellent: the health is good, and his personal life became brighter and richer.


The inflammatory process in the prostate is badly tarnished my family life. In addition to their own bad mood, I "got" the eternal irritation of his wife, because sex has ceased to be at the proper level. Was treated in the hospital, was better, but marital debt is still performed in some way. Remember that roommate was talking about Songtsen gampo, decided to order and not lost. Again I feel like a complete man, and the wife just glows with happiness.


Propyl full course Songtsen gampo, as recommended by the consultant. Still very happy with the result, and forces increased, and in bed feel young and frisky.