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Tool overview Tongkat Ali platinum reviews, prices and instructions for use

Tongkat Ali platinum is needed to men dietary Supplement that supports sexual life and helps to cope with minor problems in the urogenital area. It is indispensable if you want to improve potency, and established on the basis of only natural ingredients, the most exotic component is the root Eurycoma. It naturally stimulates the production of testosterone, thanks to the improved potency occurs gently and lasts a long time. Instructions to the tool is written in plain language, but for a long course of admission may seem high.

девушка и парень на мотоцикле

In the modern world Tongkat Ali Plus is positioned as a drug that helps in eliminating impotence, the normalization of libido, in all cases of erectile dysfunction because of fatigue, stress, age-related changes in the body resulting in lower levels of testosterone. However, be aware that the instructions for use clearly specified conditions is not a treatment of violations in the intimate sphere, and more prevention of various disorders. Real customer feedback in the most positive, although there are unhappy side effects which manifested purely individual.

How it works?

Tongkat Ali platinum makes an erection stand and the penis increases in diameter, which systematically entails the amplification of emotions during an intimate encounter.

Tablet able to increase the level of testosterone in the blood almost 4 times. This leads to increased blood filling of the cavernous bodies, increase libido. Due to this sexual organ increases in size, and erection becomes more resistant. BAD works like an anabolic, and not only improve sexual function, but also to increase muscle mass and strength, which makes the man even more masculinity and charm. The reviews about the drug indicate that the majority of consumers are satisfied with the effect after the use Tongkat, the price for one-time admission is available even for people with average incomes.

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History from time immemorial

Energy, endurance and strength of the Malay natives in love Affairs was always struck by the representatives of the "white race". There was no envy when the natives relentlessly hunted during the day, and at night committed intimate exploits. And what was the secret? In natural plant – Tongkat, cane Euricoma Longifolia Jack, or rather, at its root, the infusion of which the natives drank with constant regularity and "received" a bigger penis and improving libido.

On the mysteries of the Europeans, struck by the wonderful properties of plants, Tongkat exported to the mainland.Created and patented drug called Tongkat Ali platinum.

Now the people's centuries-old traditions of Asian men serve around the world. The effect of Tongkat of platinum is much higher than the effect of all known remedies. Eurycoma helps the natural increase of testosterone in Leydig cells, and also frees "bound testosterone".

Composition unique

Learn about the causative agent No. 1 in the world!

The composition of Tongkat platinum (capsules, tablets, instruction):

  • Root Eurycoma double

The natives call it "the Root of Ali" or "Ali's Stick", this plant has been used for centuries by them as means, effectively revitalizing the entire body.

  • The root of Jakarta creeping

Root extract is readily used by athletes, the drug increases the secretion of testosterone. The doctors-sexologists mostly positive, it is recommended for improving libido.

  • Royal jelly

Boosts libido, contains vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts. Improves potency at any age.

  • Grass gorjanki strelolist

Its unique properties were known as early as the 2nd century BC and it was used by doctors of Ancient China.

Tongkat Ali platinum is indicated for use:

  • To make the brightness of the intimate life.
  • With a weak sexual activity.
  • If ED and difficulty reaching orgasm.
  • In the case of impotence and premature ejaculation.
  • At pathologies of the prostate (adenoma, prostatitis, etc.).

The instruction to the drug Tongkat Ali platinum provides for various forms of use. To obtain a stable effect it is recommended to "eat" pills (capsules) according to the following pattern: month of admission (1-2 capsules with meals), 2 weeks break and the cumulative rate duration of 3 months.

Also, the instructions to Tongkat Ali Plus (platinum) provides individual ways taking the capsules for men with concomitant diseases.

Features options Bud

Pills (capsules) Tongkat Ali Plus contain the active substance (root extract) more than 2 times higher than Tongkat Ali platinum. Reviews about the two types of Bud positive.

But there is a better ANALOGUE of the "Tongkat Ali platinum"...

Distinctive features of Tongkat Ali Plus:

  • Completely safe for health.
  • 100% natural.
  • Can be taken with minimal amount of alcohol.
  • Certificated, clinically tested.
  • Non-hormonal remedy that is not addictive.
  • Effective with the start of the application.
  • Affordable price.

To minimize the risks for men who are predisposed to hypertension, Tongkat Plus added ginseng, which may increaseblood pressure, as noted in the instructions. The feedback from men suffering from hypertension, indicate that after receiving pressure "does not jump".

What do the doctors say?

Experts noted the following positive effect of the drug:

  • Eliminate erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves potency at any age.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps in treatment of impotence.

Pills completely harmless, is only possible allergic reaction to components of the Tongkat, which is rare. In some cases in men increased the pressure, then the use of supplements should be discontinued immediately.

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The tool is not toxic, suitable even for people in old age. Well stimulates the prostate gland, reduces congestion, improves blood circulation in the pelvis. The quality of sexual life significantly increased. Doctors generally give a positive assessment of the effect of Tongkat on the male reproductive system.

Table 1. Recommendations (instructions) for use

Strengthening of excitation, orgasm, stamina 1 capsule 2-3 hours before intimacy. When hypertension capsule diluted in a glass of water and take 6-8 hours.
Stimulation of spermatogenesis (the quality and quantity of sperm) 1 capsule/1 time per 3 days for 90 days.
Increase of vitality 1 capsule 3 a day for 3 months.
The penis increase in size 1 capsule/three times a day for 3 months.
Treatment of adenoma and chronic prostatitis 1 capsule per three days during the month. After taking the drug, a compulsory sexual intercourse (Masturbation with ejaculation)
With erectile dysfunction On the recommendation of a doctor

How much fun is that?

The price of the drug Tongkat Ali platinum varies depending on the number of capsules in the package, as well as the region in which the sales are carried out. By the way, BAD is in the top twenty in sales in Russia, which speaks about its significant popularity.

Table 2. The average price of Bud according to the results of market research

213px;"> 3590.53
Release form Price opt/RUB Price retail/RUB
Caps. 382 mg No. 2 744.23 874.20
Caps. 382 mg № 5 1867.11 2173.50
Caps. 382 mg № 10 4192.32

Of course, the price of the means to improve the potency of many may seem high but the money invested are worth it, when compared with the cost of a full course of treatment in any medical institution, the time spent on making an appointment and waiting hours in queues. While taking Tongkat Ali platinum (Plus) man will feel at altitude in any case intimate encounters!

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Alex, 32 years

Crisis and a lot of work has led to wild fatigue, was only thinking about how to get to bed. About intimate pleasures was scary to think, but his wife demanded his. Went to the therapist, explained the problem – the doctor advised capsules Tongkat, propyl course. Surprisingly, the previous load had more forces, and at night pleasing wife sexual pleasures. The book is better on the official website.

Constantine, 49 years

I recommend to accept, but it is better after consultation with a doctor. Intimate life really is normal, an erection in his youth, but I didn't want to take the risk and order without consulting with your doctor.

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