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Overview of the urological plaster ZB prostatic navel plaster for men

Urological patch for men – 100% modern natural product that can replace weeks of exhausting treatment procedures for inflammation of the prostate. It is not only effective but also completely safe. Chinese urological transdermal patches have become popular recently, but quickly established themselves on the positive side. According to the observations of the practicing urologists in the use of urological ZB prostatic navel plaster the disease goes much faster. Specialists ' opinions about this mode of therapy is positive.

упаковка пластыря от простатита

The newest principles of percutaneous therapy

Why Chinese urological patches so quickly became popular around the world? The fact is that they cure through the skin, so the men with prostatitis will be spared from lengthy and unpleasant procedures. Urological transdermal patches capable of delivering on purpose all the necessary substances through the skin, which ensures almost 100% result without loss of medicines.

In the production used in modern nanotechnology, due to which the active substance has acquired the size of tiny particles and can freely penetrate through the pores of the skin to the prostate. However, the price remained low, which is a nice bonus to purchase.

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Experts advise to use the urologic patch is used in the prevention of prostatitis, even those men who have no signs of disease. Patch from prostatitis is able to improve blood flow in the pelvis and prevent congestion, which is one of the reasons for the development of diseases of the reproductive system and various urological problems.

The composition and features of the application

The patch for the treatment of prostatitis has one distinguishing feature that completely changes all the idea of the therapy of prostatitis in General. It not only acts symptomatically, but also addresses the root causes of the inflammatory process. This means full can be called universal, the price of which is low.

Urological Zb prostatic navel plaster, composition:

  • Cinnamon. Natural amplifier of potency, improves local circulation, promotes elimination of inflammatory process in the prostate, and is a powerful natural antiseptic.
  • The Carthamus tinctorius. A natural compound is marketed as the best remedy in the treatment of kidney, liver and prostate.
  • Camphor burnaska. Reduces inflammation, improves microcirculation and relieves pain.
  • Gem is two-pronged. Is a natural antibiotic, helps with kidney stones andthe diuresis. Restores power and stops the bleeding.
  • Plantain Asian. Restores blood circulation, removes from the urinary tract, the sand and small pebbles.
  • Corydalis questionable. Relieves pain in the groin, used as a tonic, diuretic and tonic.
  • Garcevic vaginal. Natural antispasmodic, calms, dissolves clots.
  • Verbena officinalis.
  • Velvet Amur and chastuha.

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Main advantages

So what is connected with the popularity of Zb prostatic navel plaster? What are the main advantages of urological patch for men? Transdermal Chinese "Velcro" is a godsend for most men suffering from prostatitis, but for various reasons do not want to visit a hospital and undergo a standard course of therapy.

The urologic patch is used, or rather its prototype, existed in ancient times. Even then, doctors knew about the properties of many drugs to penetrate skin and get in through the blood to the diseased site. Modern technology just made the shell more convenient and attractive, and with the help of nanotechnology it was possible to increase the effectiveness of herbal remedies and their penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

Zb prostatic navel plaster, main advantages:

  • High quality but inexpensive method (price available) to forget about the male disease.
  • The lack of analogues, the patch from prostatitis can be called unique.
  • It is easy to use, allows a man to do all the usual things and not spend time in the clinic.
  • He has a long healing period (2-3 days).
  • No side effects, great men of any age.
  • The urologic patch is used meets all international standards of ISO and GMP.

How to properly use it?

Due to the fact that it is easy to apply healing substances enter the body continuously and penetrate into all the points of the body. Transdermal method is considered highly effective because it easy to use directly about the source of inflammation. Easy to buy, available to all, without exception, positive feedback from the use of impressive. The efficiency is much higher than the price, and it also has a positive effect on consumer choice.

Urological "sticker" from prostatitis has a porous, moisture-absorbing and a perforated structure. The procedure for its application the following:

  1. Thoroughly clean the umbilical area and wipe dry. Stick, if you have wounds and scratches, it is impossible.
  2. The segment to do on top of a plastic bag from the side markings.
  3. Remove the sticker and press firmly the urologic patch is used tobody.

To wear the patch you need for 2-3 days, then remove the sticker and wash the site of application. Repeat the procedure there a day later. Experts recommend the use of course (for one course of not less than 5 pieces).

In the treatment process, the man will have to abandon the consumption of certain foods and beverages, particularly alcohol, spicy and salty foods, and animal fats.

What, where and how much?

There is reason to say with certainty: there are few therapeutic agents that have positive feedback about their action in such quantities as urological patch from prostatitis. The strength of its high, almost 96% of men forever goodbye to prostatitis.

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Zb prostatic navel plaster quickly helped get rid of acute prostatitis, did not expect such effect. I recommend to those who long and unsuccessfully treated. That would not get a fake buy here


Chronic prostatitis is accompanying me for many years. How much is consumed of pills and unpleasant procedures carried out, simply do not count. The results are there, but not long. One day the neighbour as a test brought me urological miracle patch, he uses it. The effect of a sudden, after 4 "prilepine" forgot that I was once a prostatitis.

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