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Action capsules VigRX PLUS increase penis

VigRX PLUS capsules for penis enlargement, popular tool for men in the last decade. They should be in the home medicine Cabinet of anyone who is concerned about the size of a member, or would like to be strong and powerful when intimate meetings. Have incredible sexual power, fight on the spot every appealing woman.

упаковка и таблетки для мужчин

The invention belongs to the company Albion Nutraceuticals. It specializiruetsya on the development of drugs that enable men to gain sexual power. Alfa-men using VigRX!

How does it work?

The secret PLUS is the natural ingredients. All components are used to enlarge the penis and enhance erections for centuries, modern experts only corrected them, and were dressed in the more convenient form of reception.

One of the main components VigRX Gold PLUS is Bioperine that speeds up the absorption of in the body men all of the active ingredients, due to which there is a rapid increase of the penis in size in a fairly short time. As a rule, the increase noticeable in the first month of use, and many men and in the first week.

But the benefits of VigRX PLUS over. Feedback about the tool state that the capsules have excellent effect on the psychological state. The man, taking the VigRX PLUS capsules:

  • Stops worrying about the size of the penis.
  • Forget about premature ejaculation.
  • Not "steamed" about an erection or not.
  • No doubt that the sex would be intense, bright and long lasting.

The result is improved self-esteem, with the help of VigRX PLUS, it becomes like super-men and women love confident men.

The main composition of the two types of funds

The advantage of VigRX PLUS is obvious, but on properties it is also not inferior to the drug VigRX Gold capsules to increase the member and to stimulate the potency.

Both the product of one firm, stimulate and strengthen the immune system, positive effect on the urinary system and give the opportunity to the man in sex to be always on top.

The composition also includes other components.

The capsules similar to VigRX Gold PLUS, both drugs are used as reductants potency and increase penis. Reviews and consumers, and professionals about VigRX PLUS (Gold) are mostly positive.

How to buy the drug?

Buy VigRX PLUS and VigRX Gold is easy, online stores are available in a large price range. Usually recommended to take 2 capsules a day, so a pack of 60 capsules calculated on a monthly intake of VigRX PLUS.

Shopping online marketplace in Moscow offersthe largest selection of prices, it all depends on the quantity of capsules in the package. Future Alfa-men (alpha male) must be willing to spend from 630 rubles for 10 capsules of up to 2,500 rubles for a full month course.

It does not matter what men's penis, much more important is that thanks to modern means easy to correct something that was provided by the nature, while avoiding surgery, or various "stretchers". Reviews of people taking the capsules, only positive, is also important: the doctors also found nothing wrong and harmful.

To buy a tool for penis enlargement or not, everyone decides for himself. Any man can make a choice: be content with what we have (and suffer), or to try to completely change my life!


The effect of VigRX PLUS is and erection strikes each time the penis became larger. Recommend a good tool.


Had problems with erections: long "never let go", "slow rocking". It is clear that the wife was always unhappy. Went to the doctor, any physiological changes found, advised to drink VigRX PLUS, and, indeed, all vanished after about a couple of weeks. To strengthen the result, finish the course of treatment.


Physiologically poorly converged with his wife, especially after the birth of a child. But how to increase the member, not under the knife to lie? Read about VigRX PLUS, ordered. The course was for 2 months, but now there is no intimate problems.


Always wanted to increase the member, there was a "fad" with youth. Tried many means and devices, but it really helped just to VigRX PLUS.


With age, the erection began to fail, of course, it would be possible to live with it, but I didn't. And decided to find a tool that will help me effectively. And found VigRX PLUS! Now getting it all right, and the "bonus" received in the form of penis enlargement to 1.5 cm.