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Overview of a unique method Dyusupova Haji "In the Name of Life" (feedback, effectiveness, costs)

"In the Name of Life" is a unique method Dyusupova Haji Basilan, which for several years successfully sold on the Internet and has mixed reviews, mostly positive. Of course, like any healer, it has its admirers and those who call the CD "In the Name of Life" not only as a charlatan.

палата в больнице

General the main problem of medicine is that it treats the disease, not the person, that is not always effective.

The problem is that conventional medicine usually addresses symptoms, consequences of disease, but not the cause of the abnormalities in the body.

An example of how we treat the common cold, the flu and the common cold:

  • Run into the pharmacies.
  • Buy influenza, antiviral and other means.
  • Refer to "grandma's recipes".

As a result, the symptoms of SARS (acute respiratory disease) disappear, a person believes that he has recovered, but it takes some time and the signs of a cold appear again. Repeat therapy... a Vicious circle is repeated again and again. As a result, the body does not get rid of the disease, but only pushes it deep inside. The immune system gradually fails to work: why, if help is always coming synthetic means? The person becomes the hostage of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

It seems that there is no way, however, alternative medicine offers a method of Bazylkhan of Dyusenbayeva, which completely heal and will not develop the disease again. The disk-Dyusupova on which is written a film treatment "In the Name of Life" and the healing has mostly positive reviews. There are no people who are not helped when they visited the healer Basilan Dusupova (Ust-Kamenogorsk), and none of them calls him "a charlatan".


Natalia, 36 years

Many years could not get pregnant, conventional medicine has not helped, even EKO said useless. Accidentally went to the site, read the reviews and decided to try to listen to the disc. There are no words to Express the joy my husband felt when he found out I was pregnant!

Maya K., 67 years

Suffer from hypertension, the medicines help, but not for long. Of course, I understand that the vessels are not the same, related sores a lot, but I do not always follow those recommendations, which doctors say. I decided to help myself to embark on the path of improvement, at least psychologically. Helped daughter, read reviews, went towebsite and ordered the DVD.

Listen to it every day for the past month and began to notice that swallowing pills was less pressure stopped jumping. I will be sure to listen on and recommend to all!

Alexander, 42 years

The crisis hit hard, and on my business. Started experiencing, the hassle, physical and mental exhaustion, came health problems. Was examined, the doctors only made a helpless gesture – all vitals are normal, physically healthy, but the quality of life deteriorated. Well, that friend gave the link to the site that sells the discs. Ordered, listening in the evening and began to notice that gradually the head became clear, there was a clear decision as to re-establish the business.

Oleg, 44 years

Often heard the statement that all diseases of the nerves, although didn't believe it. But when faced with a strong unwell, and the test results are normal, doctors only made a helpless gesture. Started looking for an alternative to traditional medicine and came across a website which talked about the method of Basilan Dyusupova. I agree with the healer, that all diseases of our thoughts and mental States and you can become completely healthy by changing the attitude to life. And ordered here

Sasha, 28 years

After reviewing the methodology for 7 days, I have noticed that sleep is better and the General condition normalized, no longer nervous. Course decided to continue, the positive effect experienced.

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