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Overview of pathogens for women quick actions

Agents for women are used infrequently, more on hearing means to increase potency in men. But thanks to the many is learned about the existence of special pathogens for women. And now a quick stimulating drugs are used not only for treatment of pathological conditions, but also as a method for seducing women. And pharmaceutical companies do not stop to work on the development of new tools. Therefore, the range of pharmacies is constantly updated.


Exciter for women is available in drops and tablets. There is even such an unusual method of application as chewing gum or stimulating drinks, which makes reception means invisible. Faster just act drop, as they have a higher rate of absorption than pills. Because for the latter you must wait for the full dissolution, which, of course, delaying the start of action. Consider the main representatives of this group of funds. The most well-known fast pathogens include the following:

  • Women Viagra CENFORCE FM or-FM.

The causative agent, similar to the known male drug. However, in women the effect is less pronounced than in the male. Available in tablets, the main active ingredient of which is sildenafil. To achieve therapeutic effect tablets should be taken half an hour before the alleged intimacy.

  • Spanish fly.

The fast exciter is available in drops. The active ingredient is a powerful aphrodisiac. It is derived from genital Spanish flies. This is one of the best exciting representatives of this group.

  • Silver Fox.

The tool is a powder. One package corresponds to a single dose. Apply 5 minutes before the alleged sexual intimacy. But the downside is that the manufacturer does not extend on the composition of the pathogen.

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  • Thailand Red Spider.

Available in the form of drops in vials of 8 ml. Made drug based on herbal ingredients. While there is no smell or taste, so the application of funds will remain absolutely invisible. You need to take one vial, but not more often 1 times per day. Effect after administration occurs within 10 minutes.

Mechanism of action

The composition of all stimulants for women includes components that contribute to relaxation and sexual emancipation. As additional components of the preparations may contain vitamins and minerals.

The mechanism of action of drugs fast. However, the result of their taking similar is an achievementthe excitation effect.

Sildenafil has stimulating effects by expanding blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation. This results in an additional stimulation of the female genitals. As a result, the excitation processes are faster. But we should remember that this pathogen can negatively affect the cardiovascular system in General. Therefore, the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the use of this drug is contraindicated.

In response to the intake of pheromones Spanish fly is copious lubrication of the vagina, and quickly comes excitement. The undoubted advantage funds-exciter is the speed of action, because sexual desire occurs after 10 minutes after taking the drops.

About Silver fox manufacturers claim that it has a high efficiency. Including under its action, in addition to stimulating effect, increasing vaginal secretion, increased sensitivity of intimate areas, as well as breast swelling.

How it works...

The mechanism of action Thailand Red Spider based on the increase of blood circulation in the area of internal and external genitalia of women. The result is increased excitation and increased formation of vaginal lubrication.

What you can and cannot

Agents indicated for use in the following States:

  • The lack of excitement.
  • Frigidity.
  • The need to increase libido.
  • Insufficient secretion of lubrication during intercourse, vaginal dryness.
  • Lack of sexual desire.

Despite the fact that the majority of fast exciters contain natural ingredients, there are certain contraindications. Most of contraindications due to the fact that to date there is no evidence about the safety of these substances. Accordingly, it is prohibited to make the pathogen during pregnancy. Since the mechanism of action of some drugs is associated with vasodilatation, contraindication to their use is any dysfunction of the cardio-vascular system. Is strictly prohibited the use of these drugs for abuse.

The cost

To buy agents for women not only in pharmacies but also in specialized stores. For example, a selection can be found in sex shops. The table indicates the most popular drugs and their cost.

The drug Price, RUB.
Viagra CENFORCE FM or-FM tablets 100 mg 1100
Spanish fly (Spanish gold fly) drop 5 ml in plastic capsules, no 12 1400
Silver Fox images.5 ml bags, No. 12 1500
Thailand Red Spider vials of 8 ml, No. 1 220
Thailand Red Spider vials of 8 ml, No. 8 1600

Exciter for women able to significantly transform your sex life. This tool will bring new positive moments and feelings. It is worth noting that among all of the above means, the greatest activity have drops based on Spanish fly. To buy them is very simple. Besides to act this stimulating drug starts faster than the others.

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