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Stimulating chewing gum "Detonator": reviews, prices and properties

The detonator – effective exciting gum. This tool, which will help to achieve harmony in the sexual life. Because the detonator gum has the property to strengthen sexual desire in women, which is confirmed by some reviews. Gum-pathogen became a bestseller in many pharmacies where you can buy Detonator without obstacles. However, feedback on the tool is very contradictory: someone enthusiastic, and someone says that it's a Scam. Try to figure out what is chewing gum the Detonator. Divorce or a really good way?

Composition and mechanism of action

The chewing gum composition is a complex of herbal ingredients, vitamins, minerals. The manual says that the Foundation contains natural aphrodisiacs. For example, such as:

  • Eurycoma.

This is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. Is often used drugs that increase the potency of sexual energy.

  • Guarana.

Extract of guarana relieves fatigue, and improves endurance. This will allow you to indulge in sexual pleasures for several hours.

  • The Siberian ginseng.

It has long been known as natural power. The plant is a good tonic, helps to relax and loosen up.

  • The orange.

The orange gives intimate forces, as well as cause strong arousal in men and women.

  • Leuzea.

The plant, which improves sexual life. Men affected by increase stamina, libido, and in women causes the excitation.

  • The menthol.

The lotion has a dual action. First, it allows you to relax. Second, it provides a pleasant mint flavor.

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Let us consider, how does chewing gum. What is her secret, and not whether it is a divorce? The exciter operates as follows:

  1. The increased potency in men.
  2. Increase libido, sexual desire in both sexes.
  3. Stimulation of orgasm in women.
  4. Prevents premature ejaculation in men.
  5. Gives confidence, struggling with isolation.

Gum allows you to relax, forget about everyday problems, difficulties at work, completely given to pleasure. But some reviews claim that means – it's just a divorce. But if a positive effect occurs as the result of auto-suggestion.

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Method of application

How to use the gum very simple. Just chew on female pathogen within five minutes. After this positive result will not keep waiting. Reviews indicate that the taste stimulant is no different from normal chewinggum. You will not even notice the difference. The composition confirms that it's not a divorce, really any unusual taste to not be.

The manual says that the duration of this effect is about 4-5 hours. However, the reviews differ. This indicates that the gum it affects everybody differently. That is, the time of onset of effect and duration depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. And some reviews claim that the causative agent is a divorce, that is not worth spending money on it. The more the price is not cheap.

The cost

Buy this tool can be in conventional pharmacies, where the trigger is relatively expensive. The price of the gum ranges from 900 rubles to 2,000 rubles. In the package 33 is contained chewing gum in the form of small pads.

Exciting gum Detonator passed all the necessary clinical trials. This suggests that the facility is safe.

And it's not a divorce, chewing gum really got the necessary certification. But before you buy a miracle-gum in pharmacies, you should consult with your doctor. A qualified specialist will help to identify the cause of your condition. But it is also an opportunity to exclude more serious pathology.

Given the simple way, a positive result, this method of treatment of sexual problems deserves the popularity. But the numerous reviews, which featured a Detonator, give a good ground for reflection about its effectiveness. Some reviews claim that the result is almost instant, and some, by contrast, talk about inefficiency and that it's a Scam. Therefore try and make your own conclusions. Means of safe and harm after his admission will not be exact.

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About the gum heard stories from a guy where the Detonator is painted as the miracle tool. Well, I decided to try just out of curiosity. But don't believe it, it was so cool that now going to buy another pack. This thing really works. Although significant problems in the intima was not, but she really has transformed the sex, made it brighter. Girls and boys, all to try!


And I'm here thanks to the chewing gum seduced girlfriend, to which even to approach feared. And after using this tool, everything went as normal. In General, spun a whirlwind of passions. Now both are happy. And sex for hours withoutbreaks. Now all your friends recommend.

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