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How does Yohimbe Forte on the potency in men (reviews and prices)

Yohimbe Forte is one of the most popular drugs for potency in men, based on bark extract yohimbe. It is a natural substance that has long been used as a stimulant of intimate potency and strength. Yohimbine is an alkaloid derived from the yohimbe tree C. growing in West Africa.

упаковка лекарства для улучшения эрекции

The alkaloid activates adrenergic neurons of the Central nervous system that causes a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, the stimulation of the spinal ganglia of the brain responsible for a male erection. In addition, Yohimbe Forte is able to eliminate ED caused by stress, and has on the male body antidiuretic effect. The reviews about the drug and its analogues are mostly positive, the manual describes the admission rules in accessible language, the price of each product unit may seem high, but it's worth it.

It looks like and its effect

The alkaloid yohimbine is a part of many dietary Supplements, its unique, it is a biostimulator that can restore potency. Effect is based on the normalization of intimate functions, elimination of disturbances in sexual life. The drug is indicated for those who suffer from disorder of sexual life because of mental instability (stress) arising on the background of functional change. The doctors who observed therapeutic effect from the use of, positive, in addition, the regulations provide for the possibility of using the active substance.

To normalize the potency you can choose any, as they all contain the necessary active substance. The only difference is that they produce different pharmaceutical companies, and the drug and is available under different trade names. About every feedback, because it is necessary to focus on prescription, instruction and prices. If necessary, the specialist will select counterparts.

The main difference between dietary Supplements ‒ percentage content of active substance and the presence of additional components. In addition to the basics, dietary Supplements may contain (part of manual):

  • Licorice and Damiana leaf.
  • Serenoa (fetus) and the Muir Puama (bark).
  • Siberian ginseng, Niacin, and guarana.
  • Zn, chrome, Se, E, S.
  • Extract oysters.
  • Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba.

They are needed to enhance the action of the basic substance on the body. The composition is laid out in detail that the drug was most effective. The manual is written in accessible language and clear for a user, even without special education.

According to experts it naturally stimulates the production of testosterone, able to hold your urine (which warnsmanual). Yohimbe hair loss, Forte), in addition to a significant impact on the potency, has the following effects on the body as a whole:

  • Increases efficiency.
  • Improves reaction time and stamina in bed.
  • Normalizes the activity of frictions.

The composition of the diet with yohimbinum good for health, it has no toxic chemicals, substances do not possess cumulative properties. The effect after administration is observed after 1-2 hours and lasts no more than two hours, but this time is enough to enjoy intimacy for both partners.

Recommendations of experts on the application of

Tablets yohimbinum are encouraged to apply as required instructions, with the following therapeutic and preventive measures.

Table 1

As therapy In the prevention
Functional impotence With physical and emotional overload
Low libido Men over 50 years
Psychogenic impotence Businessmen, "office plankton"
ED (erectile dysfunction) Active athletes
Prostatitis Smokers and drug addicts
The fear of failure and male menopause Men with poor health
Congestion Alcoholism

As treatment Yohimbine (Evalar Forte, it is important to apply. Various forms of release designed one for treatment, another for prevention. Therefore, the composition, and the price is somewhat different.

Consider the basic tools with yohimbinum (analogues) and their effects:

  • Yohimbe Forte is indispensable for ED.
  • Super Yohimbe (and formula) is to enhance potency as a General tonic.
  • Super Yohimbe complex "Male power" ‒ strengthens the potency.
  • Super Yohimbe + ‒ for BPH, prostatitis noninfectious origin.
  • Superman power Yohimbe + ‒ for the normalization of libido.

Doctors recommend to buy tools (especially analogs) are not their own, but only after consultation with a specialist. To buy the drug is not difficult, instructions for usewritten in accessible and understandable language, price "does not bite", but there are certain nuances that must be considered.

The majority of the reviews about the tool only contains information about the potency, but there are common indications:

  • Contraindicated for people aged 60 and under 18.
  • Tablets (Forte Evalar) make not liquid, during or after a meal, drink a glass of water.
  • Reception is better before lunch.
  • The average dosage is 1-2 capsules daily for months. The course can be repeated according to indications in 2-4 months.
  • For vivid close – 1-2 capsules an hour before an intimate encounter.
  • Yohimbe extract is allowed to use not more than 2 grams a day yohimbine hcl – 5 mg, yohimbe bark extract – 10 g Overdose of the basic substance is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

The maximum effect will be only if there are no side effects. Taking the drug or its analogues, it is important to follow the feeling, with vertigo, palpitations, nervousness, gastrointestinal disorders, migraine and decompression the technique to stop. It is not recommended to combine it with antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors, the cost of failure is quite high.

Counterparts, a list of the main types

The analogs include dietary Supplements, is similar in action, but contain active ingredients in different combinations. The price of analogues may be lower that attracts the most consumers.

Table 2. Analogues: tools for potency

Capsules Powder Tea Pills Drops
  • Wook Drive.
  • Viardot (Forte).
  • Prostabin.
  • Monolith.
  • Damian Forte.
  • Yarsagumba.
  • Phytochol.
  • Spermaceti.
  • Mail A Factor Of 1000.
  • Prostate Sabal.
  • Tongkat Ali Plus and platinum.
  • Potency.
  • Prostamen.
  • Testgen etc.

  • Fitopan M. Spiractin.

  • Nikopol.
  • Li.

  • Vivitar.
  • Golden skate.
  • Vuka Vuka.
  • TSI-Klim Alanine.Laveron for men.
  • Gerimax Ginseng Extra
  • Milona-11.
  • Cretan bull.
  • The Cordyceps.

Every drug, consisting of yohimbine, a popular, this also applies to analogues:

  • The most positive reviews is Yohimbe, Spiegel, suitable for stimulation, the potency and fat burning. He was "chosen" athletes who are, after all, get increased potency and pronounced erections (spontaneously). BAD good bracing, but after 2-3 days after intake reduces mood (everything goes through the night).
  • Reviews about Super Yohimbe plus more often positivemen satisfied with the effect, stimulation of good potency, erection and the feeling of proximity is excellent. As an integrated application in the treatment of diseases of the prostate tool it works good.
  • Yohimbe Forte with vitamins to make nice, after dissolving the obtained fizzy drink. Shows for everyone to experience something new.
  • Yohimbe Evalar (Forte), the reviews on them are ambiguous because opinions vary widely. "Evalar" more complaints, it is believed that it acts on the body much worse.
  • The achivami with Yohimbe, tones up, gives courage and good potency.

What, where and how much?

The price of the drug is quite high, due to high cost of production of raw materials and their transport. But not always the price determines the quality, this observation applies to counterfeiting, dummy, because you need to buy from trusted persons. For ease of comparison the table below describes the main pricing criteria.

Table 3. The price of all types of Yohimbe

The Name Bada Price in rubles per unit
The NSP achivami with Yohimbe, 60 caps. 700-750
Super Yohimbe plus, 90 tab. 1554-1795
Yohimbe vitamins, 30 tabl. 170-210
Yohimbine hydrochloride, 50 tabl. 190-230
Yohimbe Forte Evalar, 30 caps. Area 205-250
Super Yohimbe plus, 30 tabl. 750-860

To buy pills with yohimbine simple, they have pharmacies in the normal access, are dispensed without a doctor's prescription, instructions included. The price of the drug for many may seem high, but a quality product is worth it. Although this does not mean that expert advice prior to purchase is unnecessary, the statement contains nuances that no special education is not "decrypt". Any drug, even the most safe and are able to influence a person selectively. Dietary SUPPLEMENTS can be purchased in spetsmagazinah, dealers, centers of sports nutrition. The price at different points are different, the choice in this case for the consumer.

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Read accidentally about Yohimbe, I decided to just adjust the potency, took capsule a day. Wife came in about 10 days, so it was a meeting. I told her in bed was exceptional, but most importantly ‒ the power remains to this day. We are very happy Yohimbe both.


Newly married, so wanted a real honeymoon with sensual and long nights. As a stimulant, I was advised to drug yohimbine. Tell all is a great thing and adds strength and possibilities.


Great stuff, just don't suggest drinking on the job, uncomfortable, when standing all day.


With a potency all OK, but prostatitis tortured. I read that Yohimbe can help, consulted with doctor, he prescribed drinking rate, and really feel better and the potency is even better.

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