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All about the Chinese orthopedic plaster ZB PAIN RELIEF: truth or deception (with prices and reviews)

Orthopedic plaster Zb pain relief orthopedic plaster is intended to help people suffering from rheumatism, radiculitis, arthrosis or arthritis. Sounds it is tempting – glued a small plate and got rid of the back pain or joint pain. But as is the case in reality? Does the tool or testimonials about its effectiveness – deception? To understand this, we will study the properties of the drug, instructions for use, indications and contraindications, as well as prices and function.


The power of herbs based

In the Chinese plasters Zb Pain Relief Orthopedic consists of 10 medicinal herbs that have a positive effect on people:

  1. Ginseng is a popular tonic herbal remedy. Increases blood flow, improves metabolic processes.
  2. Milletia mesh and is able to restore mobility to stiff legs, removes inflammation, has analgesic effect.
  3. Drynaria – promotes cell regeneration, helps to restore joints.
  4. Cistanche saline, the plant which is used in the treatment of diseases of the joints. Improves the structure, activates metabolic processes.
  5. Angelica croproperty – oil from the leaves of this plant possess analgesic properties.
  6. Safflower – removes stagnant education, purifies the blood, removes toxins.
  7. Cibotium – herb used in folk medicine for treatment of arthritis.
  8. Corydalis – the tubers of this plant have anti-edematous action.
  9. Ginura peritonita – the roots of the grass are used to restore damaged tissues.
  10. Camphor – pain reliever and anti-bacterial natural remedy.

Gets through the skin

When a person drinks the pill, the medication is absorbed into the walls of the stomach and from there through the blood is carried around the body. If the shot is still easier – the active substance is injected into a vein. But as is the case with the patches, how the active substances into the human body using this method of treatment?

It's all in the micro particles: the plants included in the composition, very much crushed and applied on the plaster surface. When the plate is glued to the body, then crushed botanicals get into the pores of the skin and from there into the blood. This principle of treatment is called transdermal.

Helps, but not always

Reviews for Zb Pain Relief Orthopedic controversial – some praise the Chinese patches, and someone leaves a negative opinion, accusing the producers of fraud. So which of these reviews real? The truth is that the tool will help only if you correctly use it.

In reviews people also recommend to use the Zb pain relief orthopedic plaster for prevention. There are peoplewhich are prone to problems with joints and spine, for example men and women engaged in sedentary work.

To prevent problems in the future, should be 2-3 times a year to take the course Zb Pain Relief, pasting for 3 patches in a row. They must be glued to the area of the cervical, lumbar spine and knee joints – it is the weaknesses of the people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

I appreciate ordinary people

If you examine the doctors and patients in an orthopaedic plaster Zb Pain Relief, and to determine the benefits for which this drug is praised and get the following list:

  • 100% natural composition. Tool no synthetic compounds, Chinese orthopedic plaster does not contain toxins.
  • A small number of adverse reactions and contraindications. Orthopedic tool should not be used by people allergic to the components, and it is not necessary to glue the plasters on open wounds.
  • The ease of use. To master the instructions for use for a couple of seconds.
  • Applied very quickly, well kept, easy to remove, leaves no adhesive residue on the skin.
  • Then how much is the Chinese orthopedic tool. Price pain patch – 950-1200 rubles per pack (for this price the buyer gets 10 inserts, which is enough for 2 of course).

Finally I will add that the patches Zb pain relief orthopedic plaster – the product is totally safe, and it's not cheating. Security is confirmed by not only people but also the fact that the goods have all necessary certificates of quality – plasters, inspections of doctors according to the international ISO and GMP standards.

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These patches remind me of the principle of the mustard, which are used for bronchitis. They are also not able to get rid of the disease, but it makes the recovery quick and easy. In osteoarthritis pasted these patches – they reduce pain.


Like medicated plasters – very comfortable. And the result I personally notice immediately. Good anesthetic, relieve swelling, joints become more flexible (I use the plasters for the treatment of knees). Of course, it's not the pills and not injections. But as a home emergency funds (in cases when suddenly "picked up") is veryfit! Always order here

Evgeny Ivanovich (podiatrist):

In our country the patches with plant-based belong to the category of nontraditional methods of treatment. When I was practicing in China, I was surprised that there patches are prescribed in the official clinics. And patches people use almost all diseases, even of a simple headache. But especially widely transdermal means are used from pain in the neck and back. Patches, unlike pills and injections do not pass through the digestive tract, therefore, begin to act quickly (apply directly through biologically active points).

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