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Whether the restriction of alcohol intake for prostatitis?

Yura: Hello. I have a chronic prostatitis with periodic exacerbations. After another treatment, the doctor forbade the consumption of any kind alkogolesoderzhaschie drinks even when everything is normal. Whether such a purpose, I love to drink a bottle of beer every day and how to celebrate the holidays without alcohol?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. Your doctor is right – as if You didn't dislike. Alcohol and prostatitis are not compatible, and if this disease will have to give up the daily beer and go to the mineral water as a replacement of vodka with the meal. In beer is hops, which inhibits the activity of the prostate and testicles, reduces the production of androgens. With daily beer consumption imbalance between the female and male sex hormones (in beer phytoestrogens) that have profound effects on the reproductive system.

During exacerbation of any alcohol is strictly prohibited, antibiotic and alcohol is inconsistent, as many drugs neytralizuya alcohol or not acting right. In real life, alcohol does not improve the patient's condition, but only aggravates stagnation in the prostate, alcohol indirectly inhibits the work of the hormonal system, especially dangerous energy drinks and cocktails-tonic, in which the mass of poisonous fusel oils.