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How to get rid of pain in the penis?

Vova: Hello, Why when pressing the glans it hurts, when there is cutting pain, there are pimples under the head, and the skin is thick, when you open the head, in that place. How to get rid of the pain and all of that? I'm really scared, I'm worried!

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Vova! Reasons why there is pain in the region of the glans a lot, and on the Internet the cause of your disorders do not define. This can be inflammation due to poor hygiene, genital infections, candidiasis, balanoposthitis and more. We can say only after personal examination from the doctor, so the more you are afraid and postpone visit to the doctor, the stronger the trigger the problem. I recommend to go to the reception to the andrologist (urologist), to be tested, it can be done anonymously. I wish you health.