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What to do if it hurts in the crotch on the left?

Vladimir: Good afternoon. My name is Vladimir, I'm 64 years old.
3 years ago checked in the prevention of colon in order
then in the summer, inflamed prostate, I think from the intense exercises legs (DOG — 4,18).

Doctor found stones in the prostate. Drank antibiotics, and then the nettle. A month later, all calmed down: the DOG is 1.65 and it was not until July of 2015. Only sometimes there is pain around anus, sharp, but for 10 minutes, then as quickly was gone. Began again to disturb the same (went intensely on the bike). Passed Prostate plus, the pain calmed down.
In October 2015 went for a full examination of the prostate: ultrasound, digital examination. It is not increased, stones were added (DOG — 3.38), the urine passed is probably fine, otherwise you'd the doctor told me (I have also seen the kidneys and bladder, everything is OK). The doctor ordered again, nettle extract, and nothing else is advised. Now there is pain in the perineum on the left, accompanied by pain in the anal area, pain pulling, it lasts for about six months. Go more or less, are also OK, and to sit for a long time and only on the right buttock. Helps if you lubricate Voltaren gel. What to do next, no idea. I would like to hear from you advice. Thanks in advance.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Vladimir! In addition to ultrasonography (TRUS) of the prostate and PSA you need to take total smear+PCR+secret of the prostate. The complex treatment of prostatitis, including antibiotics, physiotherapy. Consult with another doctor. I wish Zdorovya