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The nature and treatment of complications of the urinary apparatus on the background of diabetes mellitus of first type

From: Anwar
Topic: Problems with sperm

Good afternoon, Igor tadeushevich. I have a problem with sperm. The fact that I 2009 consist on the account at the endocrinologist with a diagnosis of diabetes type 1 diabetes". In 2014, married. After 2-3 months after the wedding I noticed that I started to decrease the amount of semen. For the past 7 months at intimacy with my wife no sperm. Addressed to the urologist, the sexologist and even services, but they are unable to determine what the problem is. I hope You explain the reason and advise how to treat this disease.
Answer: "Hello, Anwar! Diabetes affects how the vessels and nerves, including the bladder and its neck. Cum begins to throw into the bladder. This is related to your disorder. If you are planning a pregnancy, take a urine test after intercourse and tsentrifugirujut it. You can then get sperm from the urine and fertilization. But additionally I would advise more to explore total testosterone, LH, SHBG, TSH, prolactin. I wish you health".