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What are the risks of misuse cystostomy patient?

Elena: my grandfather prostate cancer, he was 85 years old, cystostomy changes of the house itself. Incorrectly inserts a catheter inserts into the bladder, but only in the abdomen, that the urine leaks all the time and going in the peritoneum. Refer to the hospital refuses. I would like to know the consequences of this leakage into the peritoneum. Thank you.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Elena! Misuse cystostomy can lead to infection of the internal organs, the development of peritonitis and death. If used correctly cystostomy does not work it should do the doctor in the hospital or outside the house specialist. You can invite urologist home so he assessed the situation and showed how to properly handle the catheter. In any case, try to explain to his grandfather that he was wrong, refusing to see a specialist. I wish you health.