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Torn frenulum of the penis: what to do?

Sergey: I am 23 years old. Owing intercourse is torn frenulum, a lot of blood, just 15-20 seconds it was all over, did not even get sick after washed. Went pee, I went again to wash out, Oh, just about 10 minutes and again passed. Now the new year holidays, and the opportunity to go to the doctor there. Of course, from sexual intercourse while I will refrain. What to do next?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Sergey! Most often, the rupture of the frenulum occurs when it is short. Rupture leads to scarring and further shortening. Again, this will lead to rupture. You need to apply at the first opportunity to the urologist (andrologist) to perform the plasty of a bridle. I wish you health.