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Probable causes periodic discomfort in the scrotum and testicles

There is a problem. Now 3 day unpleasant sensations in the scrotum, the testicles do not seem enlarged and discomfort only in the evening, in the morning and in the afternoon did not notice. I have the feeling that Vienna has increased. On palpation no pain. Now on the ground and there is no possibility to address to the urologist.
I would like to know the probable causes of this trouble that would somehow control the situation and not cheat yourself. Sexual intercourse was two weeks ago, the girl has no problems.
I would be grateful for an answer. Thanks in advance!

Response: "Hello! Without survey of anything concrete to say. These can be symptoms of inflammation of the scrotum, varicocele, cysts appendages, hernia, etc. as soon as possible to perform ultrasound of the scrotum with Doppler and to address on reception to the andrologist (urologist). I wish you health".