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Monastic tea or Ivan-tea is more effective for prostatitis?

Yuri G.: Hello. I have chronic prostatitis, periodically going through treatment at the hospital, but at a certain time he returns. Recently read about monastic tea from prostatitis and fireweed, in each case, the article praise, but in fact, whether using a simple tea can cure prostatitis without resorting to drugs?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. Yes, indeed, in the Internet there are many articles which tell about the wonderful properties of tea from prostatitis. Between these two teas, there is a difference. Monastic tea is a collection of several herbs that were used even in ancient times. Ivan-tea is our "native" plant, or anything else – willow, or Koporye tea. Used it in Russia always, but then it was replaced by Chinese tea, and in vain, as Ivan tea record for anti-inflammatory action. In addition, he perfectly removes any inflammation, including for prostatitis, he is able to suppress the herpes virus has anti-tumor properties and is good for the intestines and stomach. Willow is harvested during the flowering time and add just a little tea.

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However, properties not possessed these two kinds of tea from prostatitis, it is important for You to understand that they are only used as adjuvant therapy or prevention. Some teas cannot be cured prostatitis, it is necessary comprehensive treatment.