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The nature and possible negative consequences of prostatic hyperplasia

Hello! A year ago I had a stroke. In the survey a few days ago at an ultrasound put conclusion: prostatic hyperplasia.

From the Protocol of ultrasonic examination: the prostate is a rounded shape. Dimensions 42 х_33 х_39 mm. the Volume of 28.8 cm3.
Structure: modified — transitional zones symmetrical nodes hyperplasia up to 18 mm. Interchangeable bubbles symmetrical, not thickened.
What does it mean? We don't have a good doctor who can be contacted. Tell me what to do. Thank you.

Response: "Hello! You have the signs of BPH. Need to know the volume of residual urine by ultrasound. If no disorders of urination (night urination, difficulty at the beginning and at the end of urination, the weakening of the urine stream) that you can just observe and perform ultrasound every six months. If you have symptoms you need to find a urologist for treatment. I wish you health"