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The reasons for the high number of leukocytes in the semen analysis and prostate secretion

Hello Igor tadeushevich, my name is Alex I'm 29 years old, I want to consult You, maybe finally You will bring clarity to my situation. A week ago I had blood tests, prostate secretion and semen analysis and in the analysis of juice of a prostate I have had an increased number of leukocytes, namely 80-100-120/p and the side opposite the line leukocytes 0-2-4. as far as I understand, the secret of the prostate is one of the components of sperm and indicators of the white blood cells should be roughly similar in both analyses, is to become the 1st question to You is, am I right in this statement? I have been to 3 urologists, 2 said it is prostatitis and it is urgently necessary to treat, and the third said that I'm fine and you see the fence of the secret done wrong... because the semen analysis normal white blood count. What can you say about this?
In advance, thank You very much for the answer!

Answer: "Hello, Alex! Indeed, part of semen include prostate secretion, and it is logical to assume that if there is inflammation in the prostate secretion, it should be in the sperm. But sometimes it happens that during the massage of the prostate by taking prostate secretion the lobules better emptied and leukocytes were in the analysis. And during semen collection has not been complete emptying. It does not matter. If the inflammation is detected in the prostate secretion -to treat prostatitis. I wish you health"