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Interpretation of the results of semen analysis in case of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant

Hello! My wife and I have 2 years trying to have children and still can not get. Today has handed over analyses (spermogram), got the results. Like looking all good, but there is a little misunderstanding. At the reception to go to the doctor simply no time. Maybe You can help with something?
The results of the analysis:
Volume — 3,0
pH is 7.9
The number of sperm in 1 ml — 143
Agglutination — "+—"
The progressive movement (a) 25% — 53%
Slow linear movement — "-"
Non-progressive rotary motion (C) — 3%
Motionless sperm (d)+d — 44%
Pathological forms of sperm cells — 60%
Cells of a spermatogenesis — 2%
The number of leukocytes illegible, but it seems to 70.7
Lecithin grain — N
Amyloid corpuscles — "-"
Crystals Bahtera — "-"
Epithelial cells — 1
Macrophages — 1-2
The microphages — 1-2
Bacterial flora — "+"
Is everything in order? If not, then maybe something will advise?! And if Yes, then tell me why my wife can't get pregnant.

Response: "Hello! In the analysis suffers sperm motility, there are signs of inflammation of the reproductive system, not made of the MAR-test. Together with his wife to start with the diagnosis and treatment of inflammation (you do total smear+PCR+secret of a prostate). I wish you health".