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Interpretation and improvement of semen analysis in probable infertility

From: Sergey
Subject: Asthenozoospermia

Did a semen analysis. Volume — 3, colour — whitish, pH — 7.5 FL., the number in 1 ml, 72,0, number in the ejaculate — 216. A quick movement and 6%, slow motion — b 27%, agility — a+b 33%, bemporad. movement in 39%, natvig. — 28%. Live — 86%, the dead — 14% normal forms -77%, pathological — 23%, cells of spermatogenesis — 1/100. Leukocytes of 0.25. Round cells is 0.5, agglutination ++, erythrocytes absences, lecithin grain — moderate amount. Wife and I want children. Me what to do and how to be treated? Thanks in advance.

Answer: "Hello, Sergey! Suffers from mobility, not made of the MAR-test. Need to repeat analysis with MAR-test in 2-3 weeks and refer for further examination by the andrologist (urologist). Recommend to perform ultrasound of the scrotum with Doppler. I wish you health".