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How to achieve female orgasm during intercourse?

Eugene: Good day! Our question is this: my wife derives pleasure from sex, but it never ends with orgasm. We stop, I make her a vigorous stimulation of the clitoris, vagina (about 10-15 minutes), and so achieved her orgasm. She and I would achieve it from the sex. Don't know if this is possible? Tried some of the nozzle on the member, was not successful. We are grateful for the help!

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Eugene! Not all women are able to experience orgasm during intercourse. Penis size does not affect the harmonious sex, because the most sensitive areas of the woman outside (the clitoris, labia, vagina).
But if the wife is able to reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation, it is possible to achieve orgasm during intercourse. I recommend to master the technique of "bridge" Elena Kaplan (see Internet). If necessary, visit the doctor-sexologist. I wish you health.