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Drug correction of male sexual desire in later life

From: Victor Stepanov
Topic: Potency

The dear doctor! I turned 60. Everything was fine before, and now very rare and very fast.
What do You recommend? What pills can I drink to potency returned to the previous level? Thank you.

Answer: "Hello, Victor! Unfortunately, with age, the potency inevitably declining, it is a natural process that is impossible to ignore. Universal remedy for treatment of your sexual disorders no. Especially on the Internet. You need a person to visit a doctor-andrologist and articulate the problem. You need to perform ultrasound vessels of the penis, explore total testosterone, LH, SHBG, prolactin, estradiol, blood sugar. Based on what results will be obtained and assigned to treatment. In the absence of serious organic changes in the strength of the potency can be adjusted, it is only important to choose the right combination of drugs. I wish you health".