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How to get rid of frequent exacerbations prostatitis?

Kostya: Hello. In the last year just tortured exacerbation of prostatitis. I have chronic prostatitis for many years, but until recently he did not bother. What do I do now and how to treat these side-effects?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. First: in chronic prostatitis, to support urinary system health You will have to review your way of life, to follow the new rules and diet. If you have the aggravation is not worth it to look for the answer on the Internet, correspondence treatment never is carried out. You should immediately consult a doctor-urologist (andrologist), as prostatitis in the acute phase requires rapid treatment and it is pure specific.

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During exacerbation should immediately eliminate alcohol (any) and diet, sex, too, will have to wait until the phase of remission. If chronic prostatitis is not treated, the exacerbation 2-3 times a year will move to 5-8 times and will make Your life unbearable, until the development of an abscess of the prostate.

Chronic prostatitis requires the development of new rules of life, it is best to stop the escalation prevention, which you need to think daily. No treatment will not be effective if the man continues to ignore the advice of a doctor as soon as the acute phase passes. The Golden rule of treatment: regular visits to the doctor and compliance with all regulations, even if they don't like it.