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Mean data of the semen, whether it is possible in these figures to have kids

Hello. Please tell me the regulations.
I recently passed spermogrammu. Here are the results.
The period of abstinence — 4 days.
Time of liquefaction -40 min.
The amount of ejaculant -4,0 ml.
R-n of ejaculate ( possibly lowered )
Leukocytes — 5040 thousand
The concentration of spermotazoidy in 1 ml 34 ml.
The total number of sperm in ejaculate 136 million
Normal forms mucus 11.
What can you say about these results?
With such an analysis is it possible to have children?

Response: "Hello! The analysis is not complete. There is no description of the motility of the sperm, not made of the MAR-test. But visible violations of morphology, marked inflammation of the reproductive system. Together with his wife to start with the diagnosis and treatment of inflammation (total smear+PCR+secret prostate you). I wish you health."