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How to decrypt the data of semen analysis, whether there are pathological changes

Hello, if possible, please give a rating of semen. What is special about it, whether there is pathology. The volume 1.9>=1.5(1.4-1.7).Color grayish white. Viscosity is>1cm. Agglutination, aggregation no. The total number of sperm in the ejaculate is>=39mln(33-46). Round cells-0.8.Note rn=7,0.Normal spermat-in>=4%(3-4).

Response: "Hello! This is only part of the analysis. Not specified mobility, the number of leukocytes, MAR test. But you can already see irregularities in morphology. Recommend repeat semen analysis with MAR-test in 2-3 weeks, to perform ultrasound of the scrotum with Doppler and to address on reception to the andrologist (urologist). I wish you health"