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Decrypting data analysis the urethral flora after taking antibiotics

Hello. Treated my husband and Ureaplasma (was discovered from his wife),both drank Vilprafen. A week after taking antibiotics husband handed over the analysis on flora from urethra. Please help to decipher. Is there a reason for concern, can this result to indicate that Ureaplasma husband not recovered.

White blood cells — 0-1 in p/Zr.
Flat epithelium in small quantity.
Columnar epithelium in large numbers.
Microflora — Gr (+) cocci, coli — poorly.
Gonococci, Trichomonas — not detected

Response: "Hello! The smear result within normal limits. After 3 weeks you need to pass both cultures for Ureaplasma and her husband the secret of the prostate. I wish you health"