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The possibility of drug correction and prevention of fast ejaculation

From: Hikmat
Subject: sex ends Quickly

I can't have sex, it ends quickly. Why is this happening and what I need to do? Maybe there's some pills?

Response: Hello, Hikmat! Premature ejaculation has many causes, and in each case the treatment is different. So you need to find out the cause of premature ejaculation and then make the drugs that are should prescribe the doctor. No stimulus funds will not solve the problem, can only be a temporary improvement and later it worse. Takes into account not only the presence/absence of diseases of the sexual sphere, but also age, degree of physical stress, overload in work, food, etc. I Recommend to master the technique of "stop-start" (see online). If necessary, refer to the sexologist about medicines to delay ejaculation. I wish you health".