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The possibility of successful pregnancy with adverse indicators of semen

Hello! My husband and I live 2-3years want children. But no it does not work. I passed all the tests, the husband also passed All the tests. In the end it turned out that my husband spermatogramma results all 000000. But we want children. Only 1 on the Eco??? Please tell me you can as these from 0000 to transform into figures. Is there any treatment for this.

Response: "Hello! Absence of sperm is possible for two reasons — obstruction of the VAS deferens or congenital absence), and hormonal disorders when you suffer cells in the testicles that produce sperm. Possible laboratory error. Repeat the test at a different lab in 2-3 weeks, explore total testosterone, LH, SHBG, TSH, prolactin, and inhibin In turn on reception to the andrologist (urologist). I wish you health"