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The passage which tests are necessary for prostatitis

Sergey: Hello. Four years ago I was diagnosed with chlamydia. Treated, but at repeated check found gonorrhea. Again began treatment, all infectious factors were ruled out, but was diagnosed with prostatitis.

In my town physician specialty were not available, so treatment of prostatitis is not appointed. A year ago, did ultrasound prostate, diagnosis of chronic prostatitis and treatment I was ignored. Now a terrible aggravation: discharge from the urethra, cramps, often running to the toilet and a little urine. What do I do? What tests need to pass, so I have held full treatment. Thanks in advance.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. You are alone, without purpose of the doctor-the urologist may take the following tests: ultrasound of the prostate, PCR diagnosis on sexual infections (Ureaplasma, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, Mycoplasma, gardnerelly, CMV), testosterone blood (fasting blood from a vein). The results of the survey will need to come to the doctor-andrologist (urologist), depending on the results, it should prescribe treatment.