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Why riding a DOG - the cause of prostatitis?

Alexander: Good afternoon. I have chronic prostatitis. Had been tested for PSA. in 2007 ‒ 1.4 ng/ml, 2010 ‒ 1.88. For a long time did not check the DOG.16.04.2015 passed the blood DOG: 3.29 ng/ml. Urologist did an ultrasound of the prostate, 26 ml, but evaluated the PSA levels are high and without tests prostate prescribed suppositories Flexed.

Repeated the PSA test from 6.05.2015 G.: PSA total ‒ 3.57 ng/ml, free ‒ 0.312 ng/ml, their ratio is 8.7 %. The doctor again did not study the secret of the prostate, and just prescribed a pill Fromilid, Fluconazole, Bifiform, candles Vitaprost plus, Furagin). After treatment 6.06.15 passed the PSA test: overall ‒ 3.45, free ‒ 0.304, the ratio is 8.8%.

Analysis of prostate secretion passed the 11 June 2015 in another clinic: white blood cells ‒ 16-18. After that, the attending physician ordered Cernilton and Troxerutin, no candles. After the course, analysis of RSA, dated 25 August 2015: total ‒ 3.53, free – 0,292, the ratio is 8.3%. 27.08.15 g. the doctor did TRUS (prostate size 4.8x3.0х4.0 cm with a volume of 30 cm3), took the prostate secretion seeding (leukocytes 9-10, prostate, sterile, prescribed Prostaplant, although such adenomas are not, candles Vitaprost Forte and after them ‒ just Vitaprost (1 a day at night).

Analysis from 18.09.15 G.: DOG General ‒ 3.22 ng/ml, free ‒ 0.251 ng/ml, their ratio is 7.8 %. Recently had MRI of the prostate, size 4.5x3.3x3.7 (a volume of 28.5 ml), in the cavity of the bladder doesn't divulge. Zonal differentiation is traced. The Central zone are heterogeneous, increased at the expense of nodes with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The peripheral area of the inhomogeneous structure due to plots hypointensive Mr-signal Т2ВИ located in the left departments, at the level 4-5-6 hours and which are representative nodes of the neoplastic process characteristics of the accumulation of contrast agent in a dynamic bolus contrast enhancement and diffusion restriction on DWI, IDK. Capsule gland at the level of 4 to 6 hours deformed, with clear contours. Periprostatic fiber without convincing signs of infestation. Seminal vesicles were not enlarged, symmetrical, contain a secret. Paravesical fiber is not changed.

PSA from 9.10 S. G. (5 days after intercourse): DOG General ‒ 3.49 ng/ml, free ‒ 0.254 ng/ml, their ratio to 7.3 %. However, it should be noted the presence of nocturnal erections, which is apparently a good sign. Now insert the candle Protopin. Please comment on the MRI results. So why jump the DOG? I believe that the treatment was ineffective. I have chronic prostatitis or worse? Tell your opinion.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Alexander! PSA values may be increased on the background activity of prostatitis, BPH. The results of the survey you have both of these diseases. Required dynamicfollow-up by the urologist with regular monitoring of PSA and consultation of the urologist-oncologist. I wish you health.