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Timely analysis of PSA for cancer of prostate

Zdravstvuyte writing You concerning my husband. He in December 2015 was diagnosed with prostate cancer Gleason 7-4+3, in February went to Germany for examination, which showed that no metastasis in the bones and recommended prostatectomy. On 8 March this year in Leipzig (Germany) operation was performed for removal of the prostate by the method of da Vinci. The operation was successful, removed the prostate with seminal vesicles and lymph nodes. After the biopsy okazalos that 1 lymph node was affected with metastases, so the degree was pT3bN1M0. After surgery is recommended hormone therapy and radiation therapy in 3-6 months.the first days felt very well, but on day 6 the beginning of the current beat foot and this condition persists and is increasing more and more — painkillers don't help. Did an Ultrasound — ruled out cyst. At discharge on day 8 operating urologist suggested that it is a nerve, but a month has passed already-the pain intensifies, and a strong pain on the inside — it is not clear why. Why are they amplified? Stood on the account in local Oncology — they said it's time to do hormone therapy yesterday and made a shot ELIQARD. From pain do not sleep at night. Urination can't hold it. I am very afraid that this pain can indicate metastasis process, is it possible from within 1 month after surgery? And how we need to do? The dog was tested on day 23 after the operation was 3,6, we were shocked, because we in Germany said should be 0, but the local doctor said that before the DOG. You need to wait another month? IT REALLY is a BAD Indicator? When all we have to do the DOG and will affect his hormone therapy?
Thank you for your attention, with best regards and hope for a speedy response.

Response: "Hello! The DOG probably really done too early. I think we need to continue the tactics recommended by oncologists. Pain can be associated with postoperative complications. Need to pick up the analgesics and observed at the attending physician. I wish you health"