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Causes transparent color of sperm, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for successful conception

Hello! Please tell me why clear sperm impossible to conceive a child? We were treated in every injections, pills candles actually everything!!!Had all the tests.
Yes there is a cron job.prostatitis. And every time the disappointment of not getting pregnant?

Response: "Hello! Fully transparent sperm indicates the absence of sperm, and therefore conception is impossible in principle, because this process considers the fusion of female and male sex cells. Why the sperm are not present in the ejaculate or too little for the conception – it is necessary to find out during the examination. And already the basis of the results of treatment. In this case without an assessment of the survey results it is impossible to say. Need to see the results of the overall smear, PCR, prostate secretion, sperm MAR test, ultrasound of the prostate and scrotum. I wish you health"