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What are the chances of getting pregnant if a syringe to insert the sperm into the uterus?

Karina: Hello! I very much want the child, and the husband due to the fact that his mother is against our marriage, is protected: cums in me and cums on belly. I decided to go on a very good act: when her husband cums on her stomach, I immediately ran to the bath and the syringe all the cum collect in the vagina and make a shot. Or is it possible to get pregnant? Are there any chances?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Carina. Theoretically such a possibility exists. Provided, however, that the quality of semen at the husband good. And you need to know the result of spermogram MAR-test. You should think about your relationship with your husband. If he lives according to the guidance of the mother, it is unlikely to be a good father in case of pregnancy and child birth. I wish you health.