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Male impotence: what to do

Elena: Hello. My husband has a problem: during intercourse as it should be is excitement, but in the process it disappears. This is observed both during foreplay and the act itself. Then lost, then everything is all right again and during the act a few times before the climax.

No pain or inconvenience to the husband is not, health is all right. Was stress, but a slight, self-love is not fond (it was, of course, but occasionally). To go to the doctor is not able for the reason that sitting. Tell me, please, what can I do in this situation?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Elena! In your situation it is possible to improve the quality of erections receiving of analogues of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. When the opportunity arises, you need to perform ultrasound vessels of the penis, to investigate sex hormones and in person to consult at the sexologist (andrologist, urologist). I wish you health.