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No sperm during sex, whether it is to appear in the future?

Fathiddin: Hello, I the invalid of the second group, I have a wife. Sex, but the sperm does not appear when I masturbate. Will she appear later? Please give the answer to the question. If You have Viber or Skype, I can discuss my illness.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Fathiddin! Unfortunately, in Viber, we do not advise. What disease do You have a disability? More to describe the situation here? Absence of sperm – aspermia (aspermatism) may be due to the lack of orgasm (true aspermia), or the orgasm is present but the seminal fluid is not (false). Maybe you have retrograde ejaculation. In any case, this requires internal consultation of the physician based on many factors: the disease that you have a disability, psychological causes, injuries of the spine, abnormalities of the seminal tract, etc. Wish you health.