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What occurs prostatitis?

Nicholas: Hello. I am 23 years old, many of my friends have been diagnosed with acute prostatitis, some chronic. Heard that prostatitis affects men, is from him, there are no funds that it did not arise. What is prostatitis and how it can be saved?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. Indeed, the prostatitis, especially in the stage of chronicity, recorded in 80% of patients, is the most common disease of the genitourinary system.

What is prostatitis? The reasons are many, but most importantly – ignoring a man from a young age, healthy lifestyle, colds, infections and the reluctance to treat as soon as the first symptoms.

The main reasons:

  • Any chronic disease of inflammatory nature and STIs.
  • Frequent hypothermia, constipation, lack of exercise.
  • Reduced immune system.
  • Any bad habits, wrong food and so on.
  • To prostatitis has not developed, man has from a young age, you just need to think about their health.