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Can hurt the egg if you long to have sex?

Behzod: Hello, dear doctors. Thank You, your advice! I also have a question which bothers. Live in the Emirates and working in the company under the contract. 2-3 weeks ago in the right testicle had pain, not so strong, but I feel this discomfort every day, but a week 2-3 times stabs unpleasant, not really painful, just a bit.

I'm not married, I am 29 years old and I have not had sex in almost a year because here in UAE's strict Sharia rules: if caught with girls while having sex, go to jail for 3 months, fined and then deported! Maybe my problem is due to the fact that for a long time without sex? Please tell us what it is. And if can be treated at home, tell me how. If not, I have health insurance, I can go to the doctor. Your advice would be very helpful. Thanks in advance and wish you the best! And happy new year. Sincerely,

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Behzod! Pain in the testicle can be associated with different diseases (cyst of the epididymis, varicocele, inflammation of the genital organs, tumors, etc.). I recommend to take the smear, prostate secretion, to perform ultrasound of the prostate and of the scrotum with Doppler. You need to consult a urologist in person. I wish you health.