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The lack of libido in young guy

Paul: Good day! I am 27 years old. Start with the background. To 25 years of problems with addiction do not occur, but interest in the girls was observed. Was a casual relationship, even a serious girlfriend, but after some time broke up! Ie girls subconsciously shy. Then for 1.5 years I regularly used drugs(weed).

For these 1.5 years was connected with the girls, but continued tightness! Suddenly I fell in love with the girl, quit drugs, became a lot of time with her. Went for the first time, sex and failure! From my side.

I had many experiences, I was afraid to lose her. I stopped at the drugstore, advised Impaza helped... for a while, then again failure. Went to the doctor in paid clinic, physiologically healthy, prescribed Verona, Yohimbine, Zidena helped... for a while. After that, I completely withdrew into himself, became insecure as a result of girlfriend broke up with me!

After six months I had only one girl, sex does not give pleasure neither to me nor to her. At the moment, absolutely can not build relationships with the girls, I'm just afraid of intimacy! I ask you as a specialist in this area to help with my illness. Influence whether it is drugs, and how can I be rehabilitated? Thanks in advance.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Paul! Given the development of your problem, we can say: most likely, the cause is psychogenic (excessive excitement and uncertainty before intimacy, lack of sexual experience, personality). Drug use, of course, could also adversely affect the quality of erections. Frequent sexual failure, most likely, led to formation of the syndrome of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures. But this problem is solvable. You need to go on reception to the sexologist for comprehensive advice and the choice of method to resolve the problem. I wish you health.