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How to eat for prostatitis?

Dima: Hello. I have prostatitis in the acute form. Appointed a variety of drugs, strong pain subsided, but the burning sensation remained, often running to the toilet. That's what worries me, doctor, in addition to medication gave me a list of prohibited foods, that I in no way expected there, while the disease will not let go. And then he said that such a diet will need to observe constantly.

In the list of the things I used to eat (canned, fried, spicy and salty, pork, smoked, semi-finished products, etc.), including can't live without coffee, always drink soda and beer. The doctor said that you need to go for meat and fish low-fat varieties, vegetables and sweet fruits. Whether rights my doctor, and I won't be able to eat as much as before?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. Unfortunately, Your doctor of the rights and the appointment of proper nutrition. Men suffering from prostatitis, in any form, will have to comply with the prescribed diet for the rest of my life to minimize the risk of complications and the frequency of attacks. Without exacerbation (acute) all of these products can be consumed but only in limited quantities, especially spicy and salty foods, alcohol. Of course, you can completely ignore the advice of a doctor urologist, but in this case, be prepared for frequent relapse of the disease and unpleasant long-term effects in the form of BPH and reduced potency.