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Periodic pain in the left testicle, probable causes, and recommended tests

Hello! I have a sore left testicle. Although I was sick too, I didn't pay attention. But today I read on the Internet various topics about the disease and somehow scary. I am 23 years old. Often, when you press a little harder on my left testicle, I immediately feel the pain, and with the right egg, everything is fine, it doesn't bother.

Response: "Hello! Pain in the scrotum may be associated with different causes — inflammation, cysts, fibrosis, varicocele, tumors. But sometimes, pain in the testicles and slight increase is due to the lack of regular sexual life. You need to perform a total smear+PCR+secret of the prostate, ultrasound of the prostate and of the scrotum with Doppler and to address on reception to the andrologist (urologist). To assess how streamlined You love life. I wish you health".