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Can polyspermia cause miscarriage?

Nicholas: Good afternoon. The wife had a miscarriage. Passed all the tests, it's all normal, and I have the results of the semen has written the conclusion of "polyspermy". How dangerous is it how to treat it affects on conception, is the cause of a miscarriage. Anyway, how can that be?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Nicholas! Polyspermia seems completely harmless diagnosis, but elevated levels of sperm can affect the quality of insemination, and also cause male infertility. In addition, polyspermy can cause miscarriage in women and affects her health. Most likely, you have other risk factors (genetic, urological). Need to see the description of the spermogram MAR-test. I recommend to be surveyed at genetics and andrologist, the results will be prescribed treatment. I wish you health.