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What are the consequences for men can carry a punch in the balls?

Sergei Gorev: Hello, doctor. My name is Sergey, I am 36 years old. When I was 13-the summer teenager, in high school I one guy hit in the balls with his foot. One left testicle fell under his leg, and I have formed on the egg dent. Over time, the dent corrected itself. In 20 years I went to the urologist showed a sore point, and did an ultrasound. Everything is normal, testicles normal. I want to know: in the future everything will be just fine? Or did this injury have any impact?

I want to see your balls I showed several doctors — urologists. They all replied that everything is fine, everything is fine.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello! The traumas of the testicles can be both acute and long-term. Acute complications have passed. From remote may be formation of cysts, tumors, fibro rebirth tissues, pathology of sperm. It is better to perform ultrasound of the scrotum with Doppler ultrasound, semen analysis and more time to consult with a urologist (andrologist).