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Provoke any prostatitis infertility in men?

Sasha: Hello. I have prostatitis in the chronic form (32 years), my wife and I are planning to have another child (the oldest is 10 years), but she first of all insists that I passed the course of treatment of prostatitis. Motivated by the fact that prostatitis is the cause of male infertility and inability to conceive a normal child. Right?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. First of all, Your wife is right, do prostatitis causes infertility in men, but cure already existing chronic prostatitis is not so easy, although modern practices of doctors-andrology successfully cope with it. The relationship between prostatitis and infertility is explained as the secret, which is about 40-50% of the total volume of semen produced by the prostate. When inflammation occur irreversible consequences in the ejaculate, which threatens to infertility (low number of sperm and their low quality). In addition, when prostatitis is a violation of blood circulation in the pelvis, malnutrition, seminiferous tubules, testes, where sperm are formed. Because of this concentration of sperm cells is reduced or develop sperm with abnormal structure. Leukocytes and microorganisms present in the prostate, also affect fertility of sperm. So if You are serious about the future offspring, to listen to the wife and get treatment needed.