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In some cases when the prostate needs surgery?

Natalia L.: Hello. My father was a liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, the radiation received during examination of the genitourinary system was diagnosed Melmacian usernotification adenocarcinoma in the prostate. Metastasis no, put the Pope at the cancer centre, advised to make the disability group. But why does he have not sent for the operation? The size of the tumor 46мм3, DOG 18. The index for Gleason 5 (2+3). It may still be examined by other doctors and find those who will agree?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. Based on the results of the survey have Your father's prostate cancer in stage Т2а that tells about the group of moderate risk. Consider the option radical intervention is necessary, the operation when the prostate is sometimes necessary to rule out metastatic spread to the body. You can go to any other clinic.