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What you need treatment for the semen?

Maria: Good afternoon. Please help decipher spermogrammu. According there are deviations according to the morphological index Kruger, the husband he 3% head defects ‒ 97%; defects of the middle part ‒ 52%; defects of the flagellum ‒ 18%; cytoplasmically drop ‒ 2%; the index of teratozoospermia ‒ 1,69. Everything else is within normal limits. Conclusion ‒ teratozoospermia. What does this mean and do I need treatment before trying to conceive?

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The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Maria! Need to see all the semen MAR test. Morphology may suffer for different reasons (inflammation of genital system and varicocele and toxic factors). I recommend to repeat analysis with MAR-test in 2-3 weeks for another lab. I wish you health.