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Facing a rupture of the frenulum of the penis change in sex life?

Paul: Hello. Ruptured frenulum of the penis (burst blood vessel). The blood stopped, treated it with peroxide. Now began the healing process.
The gap didn't happen during intercourse, during oral sex, the girl in a state of excitement is strongly pulled the skin of the penis to the base, and there was a gap.
I would like to clarify: if you have not had any problems during intercourse, the frenulum is elastic and not short, what are my next steps, how far you have to go to the doctor? So as to hold the plastic I see no reason. I'm more interested in the consequences: if the injury to the frenulum occurred during unusual situations, as subsequently will affect sexual function? Emotionally for me it was not stress because psychologically will not affect sexual attitude. More interested in anatomically: will there be a change in sexual life and affect feelings?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Paul! Any rupture of the frenulum regardless of sex, when it occurred, lead to scar formation and re-rupture. Plastic bridle to do. Contact for a visit to the urologist. I wish you health.